Dive in the beautiful Riviera Maya

Aerial Photographs Helicopter
 No doubt, one of the top sites for diving on earth; visibility on a normal day is over 120 feet, Palancar wall with hugh coral formations and full of marine life, is a dive you simply can not miss. These dives go from 10 mts. (30 feet) to 40 mts. (120 feet) and make it ideal for multilevel dives
Playa del Carmen
Near the coast, enjoy the nice spots in the area with a personalized service. The variety of life, turtles, moray eels, lobsters, make you feel in a natural aquarium, depths go from 10 mts (30 feet) to 28 mts. (90 feet)
Visit Yucatan peninsula without seeing a cenote it´s like if you never were here,Cenotes are the biggest system of underwater caves in the whole world, In a 40 minute bottom time dive, you will explore the mystery of these magical places; from 10 mts to 15 mts (30, to 50 feet) it´s a labyrinth with stalactites, stalagmites and beautiful formations. It is like diving into another Planet.