Dive in the beautiful Riviera Maya.

Bullshark Diving

Bullshark feeding dive in Playa del carmen has become very popular lately.
At a depth of 24 m we can find a group of female bullsharks, that come every year in winter.
It is a privilege to enjoy these beautiful animals in their natural environment  and get the chance to learn a bit more about them.
Aerial Photographs Helicopter


Visibility on a normal day is over 120 feet.
Palancar Wall with huge coral formations and full of marine life is a dive you simply cannot miss!
These dives go from 10 m ( 30 feet) to 40 m (120 feet) and are ideal for multi-level dives.

Playa del Carmen

Near the coast, enjoy the nice spots in the area with a personalized service.


Visiting Yucatan península without seeing a cenote is like you have never been here.
Cenotes are the biggest system of underwater caves in the whole world.
In a Cenote dive You will explore the mystery of these magical places; from 10mts. (30feet) to 15mts. ( 50feet) it is a labyrinth of stalactites, stalagmites and beautiful formations.
It is like diving into another Planet.

Our Vision

Create consciousness of the importance of these beautiful animals and their role in the environment.

No sharks, no healthy reefs.

Also change the wrong reputation of being the killers of the ocean. Reason why human beings kill millions of sharks every year.


Bull sharks are found at 24 mts. deep (75-80 feet) in a sandy area with current; water temperature 26C, 27C, (79, 81 F) visibility change from 15 mts to 40 mts. (45 to 120 feet) The crew will let you know about the safety standards and procedures to make this dive a unique experience and most of it, safe.